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IX Extended

Your gateway to internet peering community

This service offers a single port connection to our network and multiple connections to the various Internet Exchanges (IX) across the globe, bringing your customers closer to networks they want to interconnect to.

We establish Layer 2 connectivity for customers who require connection to remote Internet Exchanged (IXs) through an efficient and cost-effective method, eliminating the need for you to set up additional infrastructure for your business. We also offer administrative service for membership applications to each of the Internet Exchange; ensuring a smooth connection and service turn up.

Our Benefits:

  • Easy Access to the World’s Largest and Most Popular Internet Exchanges with a Single Port
  • 1GE and 10GE Ports Available
  • Scalable Bandwidth Up to 10Gbps
  • Delivery via Point-to-Point or Multiple VLANs on Single Port
  • Low Capex Model